David Corbet is an independent curator and Director of the art consultancy DNA Projects, facilitating hybrid art projects by emerging artists, designers and photographers. He is also Director/Curator for the exhibition series SOUTH3 which works to evolve ‘latitudinal’ artistic exchange across the global South.

He is currently engaged in PhD curatorial research at the University of Sydney’s College of the Arts: exploring site, geopolitics and nomadic practice in contemporaneous art of Latin America, Africa, Oceania and South Asia.

SOUTH, the first exhibition in the series, was staged in 2014 at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Sydney

Closed 6 October 2014 (archive link below)

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Curating and fine art consulting

SOUTH_2, the second exhibition in the series, will be staged in 2016 in Australia (Sydney, Darwin), and in 2016/17 will travel to Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and Angola (Luanda).